Strawberry Cobbler meets Granola Bar.  It comes together in a moist & slightly chewy, delicious granola bar that sure to please even the of pickiest eaters! 

One of the most requested things that I get requests for is quick & easy breakfast ideas…. and bonus points when that breakfast is portable for busy mornings on the go.  And, maybe – just maybe – we’ll throw a few extra bonus points for the flavors being an extraordinary flavor experience because many of us know that the make-ahead breakfast options out there can get a little boring.

So, that means bonus points all around, right?

It also means that I think these delicious Strawberry Cobbler Granola Bars the bees knees.  If you make them, I just know you will agree.

It’s like a moist strawberry cobbler meets a granola bar, falls in love, gets married, and then well – you all know how the birds & the bees works people.  Although, I’m not quite sure the same rules apply to food – but for the time being, we’ll just pretend that they do.  Capeesh? 

You can make this as healthy as you like. You can swap out the oil for melted coconut oil. You can use a sugar substitute. You can use any kind of milk you would like. Any berry can be used.  So enjoy!

Here’s what you need: